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Musical Feet

Improvisation, team work and creativity – these are the core characteristics of the method in music and dance teaching developed by experts on behalf of Philharmonia Hungary cooperating with the EEA Grants.

2016_filharmonia_korunk_zeneje_norveg_alap_kepHeld between 28. November and 1. December 2016 in Kodály Center, the project called Music of our age – Musical Feet was hosted and sponsored by Philharmonia Hungary and the EEA Grants with the participation of music and dance professors and students, musicians and dancers specialized to contemporary music and dance. The project consisting of three workshops altogether will end in the spring of 2017 and aimed to develop a creative method for talent management that can be used in schools from elementary to high school level. The method is based on improvisation and by its animated and creative approach it strives to make classical and contemporary music and dance popular to young people.

First workshop
First workshop on pictures

Second workshop
Second workshop on pictures

Third workshop

Invitation to grant