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04.07.2022 19:30
Régi Zenei Napok - Béatrice Martin csembalókoncertje
Vác, Piarista Gimnázium díszterme
Festival concert
2 900 Ft


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Composer François Couperin was born on November 10, 1668, in Paris. He was the best representative of baroque harpsichord music from 1693. He appeared as XIV. Louis, the Sun King’s organist, harpsichordist and teacher of his kids. Couperin's life was accompanied by a love of Italian music, Arcangelo Corelli was one of the role models, under whose influence he composed a series of sonatas. He is the author of several ecclesiastical works, his most significant works are the harpsichord pieces, which are connected in an extremely interestingly suite-like way. Listen to Couperin's works performed by harpsichordist Béatrice Martin in Vác!


Béatrice Martin - harpsichord


Leroux: Suite in G minor
Couperin: Prelude in B minor
Couperin: Les Folies Françoises ou les Dominos
Couperin: Prelude in A major
Couperin: L’Amphibie
Rameau: Suite in A minor - Sarabande, Gavotte variée
Tapray: Les Sauvages avec des Variations pour le Clavecin