Previous online concerts

Filharmonia Hungary believes in the primary importance of delivering classical music to the audience. So that you can enjoy classical music in your homes, in November 2020 we have opened our virtual concert-hall. Our mission is to provide some of the most beautiful compositions performed by renown symphonic orchestras, world-famous soloists and young talents. We are glad and proud to recommend our online concerts that you can access from our YouTube channel free of charge.

Ágoston Tóka (organ) and the Danubia Orchestra Óbuda
15 November 2020

Filharmonia Hungary launched the opening of its virtual concert hall with a unique concert on 15 November. Our audience could join Ágoston Tóka organist and the Danubia Orchestra Óbuda at their performance at the Academy of Music in Budapest.

Misi Boros’s piano concert
2 December 2020

On 2 December, the virtual concert hall of Filharmonia welcomed Misi Boros on the stage of the Kodály Centre, who also known as the prince of the piano. The young artist enchanted his audience with the compositions of Bach, Beethoven and Schumann.

Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra
3 December 2020

On 3 December, an outstanding chamber orchestra named after Franz Liszt captivated the audience in their homes. Péter Tfirst conducted the compositions of Liszt, Beethoven and Pál Járdányi. 

Márta Sebestyén (vocal) and Judit Andrejszki (vocal)
9 December 2020

On 9 December, Márta Sebestyén and Judit Andrejszki greeted the audience in the voice of angels accompanied by shepherds as Béla Szerényi, Béla Szerényi junior and Domonkos Szerényi on hurdy-gurdy and Zoltán Szabó pipe-artist. By means of reviving traditional nativity customs the colourful program delivered the festive spirit of the advent period.

Olga Kern (piano) and the Danubia Orchestra Óbuda
11 December 2020

With the performance of Olga Kern the wonderful instrument of the piano has once again revealed its true beauty. Besides being an internationally renown artist, she wins over her admirers and critics with a vivid stage presence that is combined with a passionate and confident performance style and an extraordinary technique. On 11 December, the pianist enchanted her audience with the Danubia Orchestra Óbuda conducted by Gergely Vajda.

The Budapest Festival Orchestra
14 December 2020

The Budapest Festival Orchestra boasts with a high international reputation, as it is among the 10 Grammy Award nominated orchestras of the world. Having performed in the Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center of New York, the Musikverein in Vienna, the Royal Albert Hall and the Barbican Centre in London, on 14 December they performed in the Kodály Centre with Kristóf Baráti violinist, who won the Oscar Prize of the violinists at the Paganini Competition in Moscow in 2010.

Orfeo Orchestra
15 December 2020

On 15 December, the Orfeo Orchestra, an outstanding Hungarian representatives of early music life, conducted by György Vashegyi, performed from the Csiky Gergely Theater of Kaposvár. 

Szilárd Kovács’s organ concert
28 December 2020

As a continuation of the advent spirit, on 28 December organist Szilárd Kovács performed a dazzling organ concert from the Basilica of Pécs.

Szeged Symphony Orchestra
11 January 2021

In the beginning of the new year on 11 January, we returned to our virtual stage with the high-quality performance of the Szeged Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra with a long-standing tradition has evoked the genius of Beethoven and Mendelssohn with the help of the pianist Ádám Balogh and Péter Halász conductor. 

Alba Regia Symphony Orchestra
12 January 2021

Composers of Hungarian origins in the focus! On 12 January, we tried to please our audience with a special concert performing the compositions of Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály, André Hajdú and László Dubrovay, together with Johannes Brahms’ Dances No. 1., 5. and 6. We are most grateful for the flawless performance of the Alba Regia Symphony Orchestra and Tamás Pálfalvi on trumpet, conducted by Dániel Somogyi-Tóth.

Saint Stephen Philharmonic
15 January 2021

On 15 January the audience had an opportunity to witness the encounter of impressionism and the Viennese classicism during the gripping performance of compositions by Claude Debussy and Ludwig van Beethoven. The audience welcomed the Saint Stephen Philharmonic and Álmos Tallós harpist conducted by Ádám Meveczky on the stage of the Hangvilla in Veszprém.

Savaria Symphony Orchestra
21 January 2021

On 21 January, the Savaria Symphony Orchestra was conducted by Gergely Vajda. The guest performer of the evening was an outstanding pianist of his generation, Zoltán Fejérvári. The diverse program containing Hungarian and Russian tunes, dances, virtuoso solos, provided a special emotional atmosphere.

Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Miskolc
28 January 2021

On 28 January, the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Miskolc entertained the audience in their homes. They performed three brilliant compositions by Mendelssohn that besides the mature art of the German composer also reflects his deep reverence for Baroque music. The concert was conducted by Mátyás Antal, Hungarian flutist and conductor awarded with the Franz Liszt and Bartók–Pásztory Prizes, with the contribution of violinist Vilmos Szabadi, recipient of the Franz Liszt Award.

Szeged Symphony Orchestra 
2 February 2021

On 2 February, we offered some real gems of Viennese classicism. At the National Theatre of Szeged, the Szeged Symphony Orchestra with László Szabó and György Kecskés on French horn, was conducted by Tamás Pál. The program was a real delicacy for music lovers as Mozart’s Symphony in D-major (“Haffner”) and the overture of The Impresario, also Haydn/Rosetti Concerto for Two Horns in E-flat Major were performed.

Pannon Philharmonic
4 February 2021

On 4 February, the Pannon Philharmonic together with Murin Jaroszláv on viola, Clara Dent-Bogányi oboist, and Bence Bogányi bassoonist took the audience on an Italian journey! The concert started with a fresh and sparkling overture by Rossini. The major event was the Hungarian premiere of the oboe-bassoon double concerto of the baroque master, Ignaz Malzat. The concert ended with the French composer’s view on Italy as Hector Berlioz’s symphonic poem, Harold in Italy was performed. The composition is a symphony, the characters of which are musical instruments with Harold being the solo viola. Conductor: András Vass.

Savaria Symphony Orchestra
5 February 2021

The Savaria Symphony Orchestra performed on 5 February some of the best known Scandinavian compositions. The colourful program opened with the Peer Gynt suite, a classical hit of the Norwegian Edvard Grieg. This was followed by the Clarinet concerto of the Danish innovator Carl Nielsen, performed on clarinet by soloist Csaba Klenyán. The evening closed with the performance of Symphony No 2. of Jean Sibelius, who blended the Finnish folk and national traditions with Russian romantic features.

Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Miskolc
7 February 2021

On 7 February, we had the pleasure of enjoying some truly romantic moments with the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Miskolc! During the online concert three wonderful works of the German composer were performed. Robert Schumann due to the virtuoso and passionate style of his compositions has often been referred to as “music-poet”. The first performance was the overture of his single completed opera, Genoveva, to be followed by his poetic composition, the a-moll cello concerto in A-minor, and finally the 1. (Spring) Symphony that commemorated the most beautiful period of the composer’s life. The concert was conducted by Gergely Dubóczky, who besides his international success has already performed with all major Hungarian orchestras, on this occasion for the second time with the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Miskolc. The solo performer of the evening was Ditta Rohmann on the cello.

Orfeo Orchestra and Purcell Choir
8 February 2021

The Orfeo Orchestra, the Purcell Choir and excellent soloists conducted by György Vashegyi performed one of the major oratorios on 8 February. Haydn borrowed the lyrics of his composition The Creation from the very first pages of the Bible. His work praises the magnificence and immeasurable wealth and miracles of earthly life with plenty of colour and kindness, charm and humour. The Creation is a masterpiece with several layers of meaning. This musical masterpiece represents the triangular relationship of God-nature-humanity.

Kodály Philharmonic
9 February 2021

The concert on 9 February evoked the beauty of the Baroque period. The Kodály Philharmonic conducted by Imre Kollár performed two master pieces of Haydn with fantastic soloists. First the single composition of Haydn in the unique genre of the “sinfonia concertante” was played. This was followed by the fourth piece of the “Paris symphonies” titled La Rienne. This is one among the 104 symphonies of the composer which was a huge success already at the time of its first performance.

Kodály Philharmonic
14 February 2021

Rhythm and virtuoso solos from the Kölcsey Centre of Debrecen on 14 February! The Kodály Philharmonic performed two hugely successful compositions of Beethoven. The conductor of the evening was Dániel Somogyi-Tóth, who also performed the Piano concerto in C-major, his partners were Barnabás Kelemen on violin and Vashti Hunter on cello. This was followed by the captivating performance of Symphony No.7. in A-major, rich in rhythmic and dance motives.

Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Miskolc
15 February 2021

Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Miskolc performed real gems of classical music on 15 February. Besides the virtuosity so characteristic of the late romantic period the compositions also offered a splendid portrayal of national music. Ljadov and Borodin were inspired by the Russian tradition of music, while Dvořák evokes the spirit of Czech folk dances. The difficult piano concerto demanded an extremely gifted performer, like József Balog. The concert was conducted by Mátyás Antal.

Annie Fischer Music Performance Scholars
20 February 2021

On 20 Februry we broadcasted from the main hall of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő. The concert featured the solo and chamber performance of outstanding talents. In 2020 these young artists were awarded with the Annie Fischer Music Performance Scholarship. This prize pays tribute to the distinguished Hungarian pianist who was awarded with the Kossuth prize three times, intends to support young and talented musicians at the beginning of their career. 

Savaria Symphony Orchestra
5 March 2021

We commemorated the genius of Mozart on 5 March with the Savaria Symphony Orchestra, László Nyári violinist and Gergely Vajda Gergely conductor. The opening composition was Mozart’s Serenata notturna. We believe that Mozart composed this peace in 1776 for the new year festivities. Besides Rococo charms the music also boasts the youthful gaiety of the twenty years old composer. The next composition performed was Mozart’s highly popular violin concerto in A-major. The solo instrument is accompanied by the orchestra of the early-classical period: the strings are joined by two oboes and two horn voices. The evening ended with Tchaikovsky’s suite No 4. for orchestra. As the composer worshipped Mozart, he believed to be performing a mission when dressing up some of the lesser-known works of his role-model in a symphonic context. At the same time these adaptations also convey Tchaikovsky’s romantic and sentimental feelings.

Katalin Szutrély (soprano) and Mihály Berecz (piano)
7 March 2021

On 7 March, we broadcasted Katalin Szutrély soprano singer’s and Mihály Berecz pianist’s unique concert from the Kodály Centre. The evening intended to bring the audience close to the composition’s intentions. Music has to stem both from the head and the heart. Mozart’s sonata blended in with the lyrical compositions of Schubert, Schumann and Brahms beautifully. An amazing unity of experiences, feelings and moods formed a special bond between the compositions, the performers and the members of the audience.

Erika Miklósa (vocal), János Balázs(piano) and István Horváth (tenor)
8 March 2021

On 8 March, on the occasion of the international women’s day, the audience had the pleasure of enjoying wonderful melodies, performed by outstanding artists like Erika Miklósa, János Balázs and István Horváth! This was a unique occasion of the three artists performing together in order to find the common voice that connects the worlds of opera and piano music. This was a natural match between the two worlds and the performers, as both the opera and the piano had a brilliant period in the romantic age and the previous century alike. The coloratura soprano, who became member of the Company of Immortals last year, this time performed with the excellent tenor, István Horváth, accompanied by the Kossuth-Prize recipient pianist, built their crossover program from the world of arias, popular songs and virtuoso transcripts.

Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra
10 March 2021

The Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra made its debut concert at a new venue in Sopron, in the virtual concert-hall of Filharmonia on 10 March! Named after the spirit of music, the Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra as one of the youngest and most dynamic orchestras, has won several international competitions and received national awards and regularly performs at major European and Hungarian concerts. On this occasion the orchestra was accompanied by the outstanding violinist Kirill Troussov.

Family concert with Tamás Lakner
13 March 2021

In the morning of 13 March, we have invited the entire family to our virtual concert in the company of Tamás Lakner, whose playfully fascinating style evoked the miracles and sounds of nature through the language of poetry and music. The program was performed by the Hungarion State Opera Orchestra, Andrea Navratil folk singer, Kristóf Ódor, young actor of the Central Theater, László Demeter kobza artist, and Gergely Dubóczky conductor.

Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra
31 March 2021

Upon hearing the names of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven we all think of the major figures of classical music. They had a significant influence on the development of classical music and their legacy is still pivotal. Besides their many iconic compositions there are some genuine rarities that always add new tones to concerts. On 31 March, the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra , Zoltán Fejérvári pianist and Péter Tfirst concert master performed some of the compositions of the great masters.

Márta Sebestyén and Judit Andrejszki’s Easter concert in expectation of spring
6 April 2021

Márta Sebestyén and Judit Andrejszki performed a refreshing spring concert on 6 April. Enlived yourself with wonderful folk tunes! Additional performers of the concert were Tamás Gombai (violin), Pál Havasréti (double bass, hurdy-gurdy), Áron Sárközi (viola), István Csörsz Rumen (lant, bagpipe) and Zsolt Szabó (viola da gamba).

Misi Boros’s piano concert
7 April 2021

We had the pleasure of announcing on the stage of our virtual concert hall Misi Boros! The young pianist is an outstanding figure of his generation, whose performance is always a heart-warming experience. On 7 April broadcasted the live solo concert of the young talent playing the romantic works of Liszt and Chopin from the Arts House of Szekszárd.

János Balázs (piano) and Kátya Tompos (vocal)
14 April 2021

There is a place in a dark alley that nobody knows, yet everyone is familiar with. This is where life stars at sunset, and it only closes when the world ends. So many songs that provide a snapshot of the many ecstatic customers, like youthful lovers and old bohemians, naive daydreamers and voluptuous criminals, artists and regular guests. Our magical journey to the underworld was guided by the highly versatile actress, Kátya Tompos and the Kossuth Prize awarded pianist, János Balázs, who are both at home in the art of chansons and classical music alike. 

Dénes Várjon (piano) and The Keller Quartet
17 April 2021

On April 17, we broadcasted a live concert from Debrecen performed by Dénes Várjon pianist and the Keller Quartet.

Concerto Budapest Symphonic Orchestra and The Keller Quartet
21 April 2021

Compositions of a major Hungarian composer were performed by outstanding musicians! On 21 April, the Concerto Budapest Symphonic Orchestra and the Keller Quartet performed Bartók compositions at the Vörösmarty Theater in Székesfehérvár. 

Savaria Symphony Orchestra
23 April 2021

The Savaria Symphonic Orchestra’s concert on 23 April focused on outstanding Check composers. The conductor of the concert held in Szombathely was Ádám Cser. The first composition was Smetana’s From my Homeland IV. In the composition titled Bohemina woods and fields, the entirely death composer celebrates the majestic atmosphere of the Check landscape and the joy of country festivities. Afterward the melodies of Leoš Janáček Two dances filled the Bartók Hall, and thanks to the streaming facilities also your homes. The evening closed with Symphony No. 7 by Dvořák, which is held of the highest esteem by critics.

ImprovisArt – János Balázs’s piano concert
25 April 2021

The concert follows in the footsteps of the romantic tradition when pianists and composers alike were in favour of improvisation and prepared transcripts of popular operas and songs of the period. Through compositions from the period of Bach to Liszt, with the improvisations of György Cziffra and János Balázs pianists, the concert introduced the tradition of 200 years in the course of which artists were performing in close partnership with composers. Besides celebrating the art of improvisation in classical music the musician also pays tribute to the virtuoso pianist György Cziffra, who was born 100 years ago. 

Mihály Berecz’s piano concert
29 April 2021

We ended April with some magical piano music! As part of the online concert series of Filharmonia on 29 April, we broadcasted from the Synagogue of Győr the concert of Mihály Berecz pianist.

MÁV Symphony Orchestra
4 May 2021

The MÁV Symphony Orchestra performed in the virtual concert hall of Filharmonia Hungary! The program was characterised by Russian bravado, since the orchestra performed masterpieces composed by Stravinsky, Shostakovich and Prokofiev. The concert was conducted by Daniel Boico, Israeli conductor and artistic director of the orchestra since the season of 2019/2020. The maestro has conducted several renowned orchestras at the major concert halls of the world. Cello concerto No. 2. by Shostakovich was performed by cellist Ildikó Szabó. 

Erika Miklósa and István Horváth’s concert
9 May 2021

On 9 May Erika Miklósa coloratura soprano and the outstanding tenor, István Horváth with the Szent István Philharmonic will perform in our concert hall. The evening will be conducted by Dániel Somogyi-Tóth. These wonderful artists are going to perform famous melodies and world-renowned songs by Erkel, Kálmán and Verdi on the stage of the Szeged National Theater.

Choral Schola of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
18 May 2021

The Choral Schola of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna is composed of students of the Church Music Department of the Institute. Antanina Kalechyts has been the leader of the schola since March 2020, as the successor of Professor Cornelius Pouderoijen, and the institute’s professor of Gregorian chant and liturgy. The schola regularly performs at church masses and at national and international concert tours. They are frequent guests at Gregorian festivals, international symposiums, and academic discussions about the interpretations of the early manuscripts of Gregorian repertory. 

Pécs is the hungarian Salzburg for one night
20 May 2021

Concerto Budapest Symphonic Orchestra
21 May 2021

There are orchestras whose performance gives a lifelong experience. Concerto Budapest Symphonic Orchestra is one of them. Fortunately, on 21 May you had the opportunity to enjoy a genuine concert delivered by the Concerto Budapest. Brilliant artihttp://filharmonia.hu/wp-login.phpst enjoyed the wholehearted conductorship of Gábor Takács-Nagy. The guest performer of the evening was Giovanni Guzzo violinist. 

Orfeo Orchestra and Purcell Choir
22 May 2021

There is an opportunity to enjoyed the concert of Orfeo Orchestra and Purcell Choir as a part of our Religious Music Festival.

Bishop’s mass in Whitsunday
23 May 2021


Győr Philharmonic Orchestra
24 May 2021

The world-renowned Hungarian soprano Andrea Rost was hosted by the Győr Philharmonic Orchestre in the Richter Hall. Andrea Rost has invited the outstanding baritone of the Kolozsvár Hungarian Opera Csaba Sándor for a joint performance. They sang Mozart and Mendelssohn compositions together with some familiar melodies from the Italian romantic and verismo opera repertory. The conductor of the evening was Gergely Madaras.


Szeged Symphonic Orchestra
28 May 2021

Enjoy this wonderful concert in front of your screens! On 28 May the Szeged Symphonic Orchestra and the Viktor Vaszy Choir, conducted by Sándor Gyüdi performed Händel’s St John Passion from the Votive Church of Szeged.


Győr Philharmonic Orchestra
31 May 2021

On 31 May the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra performed on the stage of the Vörösmarty Theater in Székesfehérvár. In the course of the evening, compositions by Ernő Dohnányi, Chausson, Saint- Saëns and Csajkovszkij was played. The concert can also be available in the virtual concert hall of Filharmónia Hungary.


Orfeo Orchestra and Purcell Choir
1 June 2021

On 1 June the Orfeo Orchestra and Purcell Choir conducted by György Vashegyi performed Händel’s Messiah from Pécs.


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