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18.05.2024 17:00
Organ Dubbing
Budapest, Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház
Festival concert
Silent films withorgan accompaniments

A truly out-of-the-ordinary performance awaits in the Uránia cinema on Night of the Organs, when old silent Hungarian movies are brought together with organ music. The Organ Dubbing performance features the organist Antal Kemenczy, playing with full musicality to the action on the silent screen.      

The Adventures of Mr Maczkó takes us back a century in time, all the way to the early 1920s. In this silent film, the two charming scallywags Cia and Tommy inventively assist their sister, lumbered with an unpleasant suitor, to find her true love. One evening, in a dream, Cia brings to life Mr Maczkó, who becomes involved in a number of mad escapades in Budapest and at the Balaton. Organ Dubbing evokes a veritable bygone atmosphere that is at once novel: this is a first timer for Night of the Organs!



Antal Kéménczy - organ