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What if we transferred classical opera into the twenty-first century? If Papagena and Papageno met at a house party dressed as pizza and tomatoes? If Don Pasquale were a food sneaker and couldn't resist the temptation of chocolates? Or if in Pomade a robber and a superhero teamed up to cheat and trick us?
OPERA - CINEMA is a unique event that aims to deliver the love of classical music to children. The programme will feature live musical accompaniment on stage and classical arrangements of the most important operas, as the stories are transferred to a screen that rolls down the stage. What if these operas were set in our days, crossing all genre boundaries, and filmed for our youngest audiences? OperaCinema!

On the screen, Ádám Balázs, the composer of an Oscar-winning film, made a score for the occasion, and Dániel Tiszeker, the director of the most popular Hungarian film of our time, together help young people to imagine, understand, and experience the emotional diversity of music and lyrics.