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Night of the organs

The organ is the best-known yet the most invisible instrument in Christian culture. As the queen of instruments, everyone recognizes her unique sound, despite the fact that she is usually located well above the audience, in the church gallery. Her distinctive sound has inspired numerous classical and contemporary compositions, as the organ is uniquely able to replace an entire orchestra, but also offers an unrivaled experience in the company of other instruments.

The mission of Filharmonia Hungary is to make classical and contemporary music available to all ages and to bring it close to the general public. Since 2019, on the first Saturday of August every year, the lovers of the instrument, as well as those who hear its melodies by chance, can experience organ music in truly extraordinary ways. At this time of the year, organ music will provide unforgettable experiences in public squares, markets, public baths, playgrounds, nursery homes and even in musical fountains. There is also a great choice of traditional organ concerts on this day, with special performances held in several churches within and beyond the borders. With a growing interest over the years, local communities have also been invited to showcase their organs, as a result, in 2022 there were 43 registered organ music events in 25 different cities!

This year, we will continue to offer memorable programs, by welcoming audiences in squares and churches alike. We are also thinking of those who are unable to attend our programs, those in hospitals or in nursing homes. For them, we'll provide free organ concerts in courtyards in various locations nationwide.

Further details of the programs will be announced soon!

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