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Cultural passport for young people
In Germany, around three-quarters of a million teenagers are set to receive a ‘cultural passport’

The German cultural pilot scheme aims to encourage teenagers to embrace live culture, and jump start the cultural economy post-pandemic recovery. In Germany, around three-quarters of a million teenagers are set to receive a ‘cultural passport’ from the government in 2023 to rekindle their interest in the arts industry. The ‘KulturPass’ is a pilot scheme which will offer those turning 18 next year €200 worth of vouchers to spend on cultural activities, including at theatre and concert venues. The scheme was announced in a joint press conference between Germany’s culture minister, Claudia Roth, and finance minister, Christian Lindner. At the event, Roth explained the KulturPass scheme aims to “get young people excited about the diversity of culture in our country”, as well as jump start the cultural economy which is still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. Similar schemes have been introduced elsewhere in Europe. In October last year, Spain announced that teenagers turning 18 would receive a €400 culture to spend on anything from books to concert tickets. France and Italy have also had similar schemes.

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