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National Youth Choir of Hungary

The National Youth Choir was formed in 2018 with the intention of uniting the Hungarian nationalities of the Carpathian Basin, in order to stage the outstanding artistic performances of the best Hungarian choral compositions of the 20-21st centuries, to demonstrate the achievements of the traditionally high standards of Zoltán Kodály’s musical education and influence of the communal spirit. We can find similar national youth ensembles with long-established traditions in several European countries. This choir primarily operates as a summer project since the young choir members arrive from five different countries. The careful selection process of the outstanding singers is followed by an intensive preparatory course, after which the members set off on a tour to perform their new program to audiences at home and abroad. The professional support of the choir relies on the experience of two internationally renowned and excellent conductors, Péter Erdei and László Norbert Nemes, and the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. In 2020, following two successful summer programs, due to the uncertain situation caused by the pandemic, members of the choir couldn't meet. In 2021, the choir once again performed a program that also included three new premieres in some major Hungarian cities. Let's meet the National Youth Choir in 2022!