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18.05.2024 10:30
AláFESTŐ Organ Music
Békéscsaba, Békéscsabai Bartók Béla Művészeti Szakgimnázium és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola, Zeneiskola
Festival concert
2 900 HUF

Family Ticket (2 adults and children): 5 900 HUF

Tickets can be purchased at ticket office of Filharmonia Hungary Békéscsaba, Andrássy út 24-28.), and at ticket office of Tourinform (Szent István tér 8.), online on or at the venue before the event.

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AláFESTŐ Organ Music


Let’s Pain an Organ! –Munkácsy Vizuál 3.0

An immersive, crossover family event: an organ concert in the Munkácsy Quarter

Let’s paint the story of Munkácsy to the music of the organ!

The event is a true fusion: music, story-telling and painting create a concert where the story is created together with children. A joint production by Filharmonia Hungary, the Munkácsy Quarter and Márton Szives, where through an interactive concert a Munkácsy-inspired story is told through the sound of the organ and percussion.

As we play music and paint together, you can join the music-making!

For 4-year-olds and over.


Rajmund Kun - organ
Márton Szives - percussion instruments
Matild Nagy - painter