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10.06.2022 19:00
Aura Musicale
Békéscsaba, Evangélikus Nagytemplom
Festival concert

The fourth concert of the Haydneum Church Music Festival will feature works by three artists performed by the baroque chamber ensemble Aura Musicale, which has been performing since 1995. Georg Christoph Strattner (1645-1704) was a German church musician, composer and hymn writer who became a choirboy in Stuttgart at the age of fourteen, before moving to Weimar, where he was first a member and later the leader of the court orchestra. His cousin and first musical master, the Czech composer Samuel Capricornus (1628-1665), studied in Sopron and Silesia, then became a musician at the Viennese court, later worked as a church musician in Bratislava, and until his death he served as Kapellmeister in Stuttgart. Máté Balázs, the founder, artistic director and distinguished cellist of the chamber ensemble, together with his orchestra will perform a work by Pál Esterházy (1635-1713), who, in spite of living in the Baroque period, due to his versatility can rightly be called a Renaissance man: he was first the Grand Duke of Moson, then the Governor of Hungary, a successful soldier, and also excelled in poetry and composition.

The Haydneum - Hungarian Early Music Centre Foundation is supported by the Prime Minister's Office.


Aura Musicale
Andrea Csereklyei - soprano
Eszter Puskás - alt
Donát Varga - tenor
Zsombor Cserményi - bass
Balázs Máté


G. Ch. Strattner: „Ach, Vater, ich hab’ gesündiget” – cantata
Pál Esterházy: „Ubi, Ubi commoraris” and „O, Maria mater pia” – cantata (Harmonia caelestis)
S. Capricornus: Sonata a 3 (Prothimia suavissima)
Pál Esterházy: „O, mors” és „Ave, dulcis virgo” - cantata (Harmonia caelestis)
G. Ch. Strattner: „Drei sind die da zeugen” – cantata
S. Capricornus: Ciaconna in D
G. Ch. Strattner: „Du Hirt Israel, höre” – cantata