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04.03.2023 09:30
Storytelling music - Szent István Philharmonic
Budapest, Magyar Állami Operaház
Storytelling Music - Budapest
Family event
4 400 HUF

Tickets are available at the Budapest office of Filharmónia Hungary (1143 Budapest, Szobránc u. 6-8. IV floor, +36 70 371 1713;, at, at the known ticket offices and at the venue before the concert.

We reserve the right to make changes to the programme, dates, venues and cast, subject to which the ticket price may vary.

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What does music mean?

Filharmonia Hungary's family season ticket has introduced generations to classical music and made them fall in love with it. At the Storytelling Music concerts, Dr. Tamás Lakner guides the audience on a wonderful journey into the world of music. The interactive, playful concert is aimed at pre-school and school children, but parents are guaranteed to enjoy themselves too. Bring the whole family and discover the secrets of musical instruments together!


Secrets of instruments

People have power over instruments, they obey them if they can handle them and speak their language. Let's discover together what is the secret of making the different human relationships and emotions appear on the instruments? In a playful, interactive way, opening the doors of imagination, we will try to find answers to many questions. Who does the double bass like to be with? Do trumpets have friends? Which instrument is best at rejoicing and crying? Which instruments love each other the most?
To help us find the answers, we turn to Handel, Mozart, Bartók and Vivaldi, among others.




Szent István Philharmonic
Dániel Erdélyi - conductor
Tamás Lakner - moderator


Rimsky-Korsakov: Spanish Capriccio (parts)
Mozart: A little night music - Minuet
Prokofiev: Peter and the wolf - The wolf's theme
Mozart: The Village Musicians
Béla Bartók's folklore collection: Once Upon a Time a Prince
Händel: Water Music Suite No. 2.
J. Strauss: Hunting Polka Op. 373.
L. Mozart: Children's symphony, Part I.
Bartók: Concerto, Part II. 'Guoco delle coppie'
Vivaldi: Concerto in C major for two trompets, RV. 537 I. Allegro
Mozart: The Magic Flute - Papageno-Papagena duet
Bob Carlton: JA-DA
Storytelling Music - Budapest - további koncertek