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04.06.2022 20:00
Capella Savaria és a Purcell Kórus
Szeged, Szegedi Dóm
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Come and listen to the featured concert of the Con Spirito Church Music Festival at the Szeged Cathedral. Be a part of it and soar high in the majestic world of the admirable and exquisite sound of the organ.

Haydneum – Hungarian Centre for Early Music Foundation is supported by the Prime Minister's Office.


Capella Savaria ( art director: Zsolt Kalló)
Purcell Choir ( art director: György Vashegyi)
Adriána Kalafszky - sopran
Viola Thurnay - alt
Zoltán Megyesi - tenor
Ákos Borka - bass
conducting: Nicholas McGegan


Haydn: Salve Regina in G minor Hob. XXIIIb:2
Hummel: Mass in E flat major op.80
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