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17.04.2023 19:00
Savaria Symphony Orchestra
Kaposvár, Csiky Gergely Színház
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Igor Stravinsky's "story written for play and dance", The Soldier's Tale, will be staged with a special cast and concept. The production is directed by Tamás Ascher, with Piroska Molnár as the narrator and with Zoltán Bezerédi, Jr. Attila Vidnyánszky, and Hanna Kelemen actors. For the Faustian story of the soldier who makes a bargain with the devil, Stravinsky, due to the wartime conditions has reduced the orchestra to a bare minimum where the most characteristic instrumental groups are represented by the septet of the violin, the double bass, the clarinet, the bassoon, the cornet (or trumpet), the trombone and the percussion. 

Vivaldi published his famous cycle "The Four Seasons" in 1725 in a collection of concertos entitled The Trial of Harmony and Ingenuity. He also composed a sonnet for each of the four violin concertos and by inserting them into the appropriate places of the score, he also set them to music. The composer dedicated the entire series to the Czech Count Vaclav Morzin, and in his dedication this is what he said about the combination of literature and music: 'Your Excellency, (...) I beg you not to be surprised, if you find among these small and modest concertos The Four Seasons, which has already for a long time enjoyed the patient generosity of Your Highness. Believe me, though they are the same pieces in every respect, I have found them worthy of printing, as in addition to the sonnets, I have now provided them with a precise explanation of all the things they depict. I am sure that your judgement will consider them as if they were new."

This is a joint performance with the cooperation of the Budapest Festival Academy and Filharmonia Hungary.


Piroska Molnár - story-teller
Attila Vidnyánszky jr. - soldier
Zoltán Bezerédi - devil
Hanna Kelemen - princess
Katalin Kokas - violin
FAB Ensemble
Tamás Ascher - director
Barnabás Kelemen - conductor


Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons - with narration
Szivárvány Season Ticket - Kaposvár - további koncertek