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21.04.2022 19:30
Szabolcs Szamosi and Matthias Höfs
Pécs, Bazilika
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On this occasion, the German Brass' trumpeter Matthias Höfs visits Hungary as a soloist. He is greatly admired for his dazzling technique and German precision.
His concert tour is part of the organ series of the Filharmonia Hungary. In April, Höfs will perform in Budapest, Szeged and Pécs with the organist Szabolcs Szamosi, who has already given concerts in several countries of the Americas and has made the audience fond of the "Queen of Instruments"


Szabolcs Szamosi - organ
Matthias Höfs - trumpet


Albinoni: Sonata in F major op.6 No. 5.
Bach: Prelude and Fuge A minor, BWV 543
Bach: Choral vorspiel -Ich ruf zu Dir; Du Friedefürst; Wachet auf
István Koloss: Chorea Hungaricae
Stölzel: Concerto in D major
C. Franck: Andantino
O.Lindberg: Gammal Fäbodpsalm
W.Kerschek: Der Mond ist aufgegangen

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